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Your Support Needs

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Find help, support and services

  •  The Self Assessment form can be completed by you, or by someone else on your  behalf. Use this form to explore your support requirements by answering a series of questions about your needs.
  •  On completion you will be provided with links to information, resources and services that may help support your daily activities.
  •  You can submit the completed Self Assessment form to us and we will contact you to discuss your support needs further. To submit the form you will need to supply contact details and you will require a valid e-mail address.
  •  You must be a resident of the Bexley Borough to receive services.
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Your Needs as a Carer

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Are you an Adult caring for someone else?

If the cared-for person resides in the Bexley Borough, use our online Carer's Assessment to:

  •  Find services or resources that meet your individual needs
  •  Make a referral to adult social care for yourself or someone else to discuss your needs as a Carer

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Are you a Young Carer (under 18)?

If you are under 18, then please contact Children's and Young people for your support needs.
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Urgent Needs?

If your need is urgent contact us directly on 0208 303 7777 and ask for 'Screeners'.